Just a reminder to take at least 20 minutes to warm up your vocal cords.
Warm-ups must be done before you sing, of course, along with
singing the right warm ups. Singing your favorite songs, or rehearsing a
particular song does not count as a warm up. If you were a professional
dancer, it would be ridiculous to simply begin dancing without first
warming up the muscles used for strenuous dance movements. You
would also be inviting strain as well as a possible injury.

So, like a dancer or athlete, make warming up your voice a habit. I have
designed an excellent warm-up CD for singers. It is exactly 20 minutes long,
just the right amount of time to prepare the vocal cords for singing.
The first exercise on the CD will bring just the right amount of “warmth”
to the larynx. The remaining vocalises focus on vocal range, flexibility and
singing on key. The convenience for having a CD with a full warm up program
is that you have your warm up lesson with you wherever you go. Therefore, any
excuse for not warming up your voice is unacceptable.

Don’t leave yourself open to vocal abuse because you can,t find the time,
or do not know how. Vocal abuse is something every singer must avoid.
Never gamble with your voice. It is meant to last you a life time, but only if
you take care of it.

Visit my website for more information on singing and the voice.

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