Can you sing each interval of a major scale?

  • Beginning on  “A” below middle “C” on the piano (or choose any key that is comfortable to sing )  –
  • Sing “do ” (dough) as the first tone
  • Sing “re ” (ray) as the second tone
  • Sing “me ” as the third tone
  • Sing “fah ” as the fourth tone
  • Sing ” so ” as the fifth tone
  • Sing ” lah ” as the sixth tone
  • Sing ” Tee ” as the seventh tone
  • Sing ” do” as the eighth or final tone of the major scale

Practice this vocal and ear-training exercise, recording your voice to monitor your pitch.  Daily, consistent practice will develop your ear by teaching it to hear a pitch correctly with repetition.

Singing up the scale is called ascending.  Singing down the scale is called descending.

After several attempts at singing only ascending intervals, begin practicing descending intervals. (It will help if you practice just saying the solfegge ( do, re, me, etc.) in reverse first until it becomes automatic.

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