Audrey’s vast background as an international vocal teacher guides us on a fun-filled Karaoke sing-along.



Welcome to Audrey’s Karaoke Bar

Just Look at you, being here and everything! You want to sing, right? Bless your pea-picking heart (as Ernie Ford used to say.)

Well, sing, you shall! That’s right. You are about to take center stage where you are the star!

Now, don’t you go worrying about singing because It doesn’t matter how you sound. Who’s going to hear you? If this is a concern, head for the closet or even the bathroom, where the acoustics are quite good.

Are you ready to have some fun? Then, grab a bottle of room temperature water, and let’s go!

Sing Out Loud and Sing Out Strong

Sing it like you mean it.

Sing it like you mean it.

“Words make you think. Music makes you feel. A song makes you feel a thought.”

— E.Y. Harburg

Singing Karaoke Songs

Once in a while, I come across a song I’m not familiar with. When this happens, I simply google the title of the song and select the version I like. I sing repeatedly until I learn the melody and maybe the lyrics, then I go back to the karaoke version and sing along. It’s important to be familiar with the melody because the karaoke version is mostly accompaniment.

Before we begin let’s warm up those vocal cords.

Why Warm-ups are Important

Besides preparing your voice to sing, more benefits await you, such as:

  • Minimizing tension (a big enemy to the singer.)
  • Liberates the voice.
  • Increases vocal flexibility.
  • Helps to sing on pitch.
  • Removes physical and emotional blocks.
  • Prevents vocal strain.

Warning! Stay within your vocal range and avoid straining to hit those high notes. When you push your voice you’re asking for trouble.

The following exercise is sung using each primary vowel preceded by an “m.”

Mee, Meh, Mah, Mo, Moo. Keep the lips relaxed for a nice humming sound as you initiate each “m.”

Easy Vocal Warm-up

Let’s Begin With a Song From “The Sound of Music”

Get ready to burst out in sound! When the words fly at you at this fast pace, I guarantee you won’t have time to care how you sound. Have fun!

Tip: When to Take a Breath

Your goal with “Love Me Tender” is to sing each line on one breath. Inhale from the belly (Here’s How) which will give you a nice, smooth, sound.

Tip: Avoid Straining During the Chorus

I suggest dropping the Chorus one octave lower if the notes are too high. It’s perfectly acceptable to do this.

Billy Joel’s Piano Man

Tip: Let Your Voice Flow

As you think about this song’s message, keep your neck, shoulders, and the tone relaxed. Think about how you feel when you hum. Feel for vibrations in and around your upper lip.

Tip: Sing With Clarity

Notice how every word is clear when John Denver sings. He pronounces each word with clarity making sure the consonants are articulated. Have fun with this one!

Sing Along With John Denver

Tip: Avoid Pounding the Second Note

Ladies ( or gentlemen) the first two notes in “Over the Rainbow” are eight notes apart (an octave). Some singers tend to sing the second note louder than the first note. I’d like you to use a little control by not doing this. See if you can match the same dynamic (loud or soft) level with both tones. Hold back the urge to give more power to the higher note for a smoother transition.

This will be a challenge, but do your best.

A Timeless Classic

Tip: Share the Joy of Singing With Your Family

This old standard seems to reach out to everyone.It’s easy to sing, short and simple. Gather family, friends, or even your pets around and encourage them to join in the fun.

You Are My Sunshine

Karaoke Trivia

    • The Japanese word for “Empty Orchestra” is Karaoke.
    • Kobe, Japan is the birthplace of Karaoke.
    • China, boasts over 100,000 Karaoke Bars.
    • Karaoke began in the 1970s.
    • Kisaburo Takagi of the Nikkodo Company is the inventor.
    • Johnny Carson introduced Karaoke on “The Tonight Show” in 1986.

Tip: Don’t Worry About Your Voice; Just Sing

What great lyrics are found in this song. Written by Joe Raposo, (compser of Sesame Street Theme), and sung by the late Karen Carpenter, the message is clear. Even if you think your voice isn’t good enough – sing.


Nikkodo executive Akihiko Kurobe, quoted in Transpacific: “Karaoke has no boundaries or prejudices. It is ageless and impartial to gender. It will last forever. Karaoke is like your family or lover. It makes sadness half and happiness double.”

In Closing

Have you enjoyed your time singing? I hope so. It’s been my pleasure to present these videos and hopefully inspire you to sing. We’re treading rough waters these days and singing releases stress. It gets those feel good endorphins dancing around in your brain.

So, sing and thanks my friends!

© 2021 Audrey Hunt

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