I had the pleasure of meeting grammy recording artist, singer Vince Gill and what a nice guy he is. Not only does he have a great voice, he can play a mean guitar and mandolin. Nice meeting you Vince!

Being a vocal coach, I can’t help but evaluate a singers voice regardless of who they are or
where they perform. www.singtome.com As I sat listening to Vince Gills voice I noticed what great breath control he has when he sings. Whether he was sitting down or standing up, it was obvious to me that he had mastered the art of breathing (a difficult technique). Having complete control over his voice gave him total freedom to express himself. He is also able to use his full vocal range with the smoothest transition from his full voice to his falsetto voice There was no sound of aspiration (intaking of air as he inhaled.) His tonal attack was as smoothe as silk and his diction is impeccable.

Some recording stars just don’t sound good when they sing live. Without help from talented
studio engineers, the voice can lack energy and fullness. Not so with Vince.

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